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Methods for Air Conditioning Installation

Many people may first ask what is involved in installing an air conditioner. Many of those who ask about air con installations may be battling excess heat. The heat and humidity levels could have gone the set record of summer heat. The latest air conditioners are not noisy and are strong an element that those thinking of installing air conditioners in their homes. New air conditioners are efficient in energy when compared to the old models. Energy bills are reduced from the value added by air conditioners. The initial step on installing a cooling system in your residence is to know the right size that you need.

Your home could be clammy from high humidity levels because of an over-sized air conditioner whereas a small sized one may not cool the whole home. It can get very uncomfortable.

The capacity of an air conditioner is measured using tons. Tonnage is the heat amount that the air conditioner can expel around your home on an hourly basis. An air conditioner that is one-ton will release 12,000 BTU whereas a three-ton air conditioner will eject 36,000 BTU. The center of this system tonnage measurement is from the reasoning that 12,000 BTU melts one ton of ice in 24 hours. Say by example, a 1,600 square feet house size can be kept cool with a system air conditioning of two and a half tons. Depending on your size, an expert contractor can help you to select your systems capacity.

In the case of a house that has never been installed with air conditioning, to do such installation you need a circuit breaker in the electrical panel. Furthermore you need new duct-work, and you need to run new wiring on the foundation. Place your air conditioner on a concrete slab or a metal bracket. As this is a job that must be critically carried out, ensure you source for free estimates from renowned experts instead of wasting time attempting to do it on your own. Mishaps can happen while you’re doing it on your own.

For effective functioning of your air conditioner and to make sure it lasts long, it must be fitted professionally. Take no chances about this. Ensure your professional is skilled to maintain and install the system. If you want to look for an expert online, you can go to the websites where you can get wholesalers, manufacturers or contractors. Expert contractors can be obtained from these websites.

Confirm that your contractor is qualified, insured and licensed from your provincial authorities. To conclude your contractor should not have any complaints lodged against them which can be confirmed from the online bureaus.

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